Firefox OS App Dev Workshop [Firefox NITT – Reaching out to the students]

The Firefox Club of NITT finally made a public appearance when it conducted its first workshop on campus.


A two day workshop (18th-19th february) on Firefox OS app development.Workshop was mainly focussed on HTML5, CSS and Java Script and how to develop apps with these.Workshop was taken by FSAs of Firefox Club NITT. On first day we started with brief introduction of Mozilla,it’s mission and it’s products.After this we introduced them to Firefox OS and it’s architecture Gaia-Gecko-Gonk.Then app development session started with HTML5.During workshop we had impressive turnout of enthusiastic students and that marked the instance at which the club became the talk of the town.



At end of next day participants devloped an awesome and cool HTML5 snake game. The sessions were highly interactive with the students being too attentive, curious and eager to learn that the seniors had a busy time…though quite enjoyable and satisfying.



We were visited by Dyvik, a student of Sastra University,RMA (regional marketing ambassador) and localisation leader. It was a pleasure having him over as he was a motivating factor during the workshop and he could be seen mingling with the students and helping them out. A few spirited students reached beyond our workshop syllabus and questioned Dyvik deeper about various ways of contribution to Mozilla and still surrounded him even after the workshop ended.


The workshop wound up with the students being able to program their own little app – hopefully a driving force in their journey through Firefox.

Thanks  to RMA Dyvik chenna and FSAs of Firefox club : Nihal narayanan, Nihal R.P, Ashutosh ,Jayti, Juan John, Amal syric, Sambit sarkar, Kumar Rishav and finally Awesome Participants 🙂


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